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Alana is just incredible! Such a determined individual! If there is a tough job to do, then she is just the person to see it through and do it well. I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know that you are working with someone who understands all the important details, but who never loses sight of the big picture. Alana, along with her husband Jason, form a considerable team; their professionalism, follow through, integrity and relatability make them a real pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them for any task at hand!

-Kathleen & Jorge Guerra


I have known Alana and Jason Eldrige for over 20 years, and can attest to their honesty and integrity in all interactions. If there is something you need, they will be sure to help out in whatever way they can. You can unequivocally trust them to do the right thing, which really reduces the anxiety level in an otherwise stressful situation!

-Laurie Lindquist, homeowner


Helping with their home rehabilitation project allowed me to professionally interact with Alana and Jason for several weeks. I found their organization, attention to detail, and vision for the project to be superb. As a general contractor, it was a pleasure to work with clients who know what they want & follow through with what they say.

-Carmen Poling, general contractor

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